J.S. Engineering Works
M/s J. S. Engineering Works has been established in the year of 2005 and achieve the Annual Turn over Rs. 2.5 Millions with their perfection in Engineering Jobs with out having any Bank Credits.

We are into manufacturing of various Hardened & Ground Machine components which routes through Lathe, Milling, Grinding (Internal, Cylindrical and Surface) and Drilling-Tapping machines. Our vital products have been various categories in bearing housing, bearing covers, Jig Bush and shafts (both machining and grinding). more....
  A bush is a mechanical fixing between two, possibly moving, parts, or a strengthened fixing point where one mechanical assembly is attached to another. In a car or other vehicle's suspension, bushes are used to connect the various moving arms and pivot points to the chassis and other parts of the suspension.
  These locking assemblies are of double taper design with self-locking tapers and an integral pre-centering section. As the locking screws are torqued up, the tapered rings are pulled towards each other translating the screw clamp forces into predictable, radial contact pressures on shaft and hub bore creating a mechanical shrink fit.